Maritime Academy Italy published course programme for the 1st half 2020

Maritime Academy Italy has published the course programme for the 1st half 2020. Find out more about training dates planned in Italy, Malta and Monaco and discover what’s new in our Training Offer.

With one of the broadest Training Offer in the Maritime and Offshore Industry (with more than 140+ different titles currently available in our Training Portfolio Maritime Academy Italy will be offering a selection of topics with the aim to meet market training needs for what concerns “traditional” topics as well as hot topics related to new Industry and market trends as well as to new Regulations coming into force and affecting the Shipping Industry.

Venues of our courses will be Genoa, Naples Malta and Monaco.

To download the complete course programme with recap of training dates available until end of June 2020, please click here or visit our website.

In case of need all topics currently available in our training catalogue can be offered also as "In-House" courses at Companies’ premises (or other different location on board \ ashore). In such cases contents and duration of the course can be also customized according to specific customer's needs. 

Looking forward to welcoming you in our courses.

For further information and / or for in-house course requests please contact:

Alessandro Ranieri

Maritime Academy Italy 

Phone: +39 010 587492