Certification of green hydrogen production systems

Joint Industry Project

Frauenhofer Institut and DNV run a Joint Industry Project to develop a standard approach ensuring reliable and cost-efficient electrolysers


Hydrogen is expected to have a key role in decarbonization efforts across regions and industries.  Power-to-Gas (P2G) as a future technology will play a central role in successful sector coupling and green hydrogen could be competitive with hydrogen from fossil fuels as early as 2030.

“At the present the scaling of green hydrogen mainly produced from water by renewables-powered electrolysis poses high uncertainties and needs support from the beginning, specially support by standardization (in tests)”, so that DNV can play an important role, together with Fraunhofer.


The consortium DNV/Fraunhofer agreed in 2020 to conduct a joint initiative to set up a certification scheme for electrolyzers to respond quickly to the demand of associations, industry partners, electrolyzer manufacturers, grid operators, banks and insurance companies.


  • Transparency and guidelines for all stakeholders
  • Binding link / no competition with existing standards
  • First global certification scheme for electrolyzers
  • Comparability between electrolyzers


  • Acceleration of authorization procedure by certification and test
  • Define quality and service life of electrolyzer systems
  • Define safe production (storage) under renewable energy sources
  • Efficiency/performance/comparability parameters of electrolyzers

Call for partners

Join us to work towards a new certification scheme and industry best practice for electrolyzers which will facilitate successful hydrogen projects.

Learn more by watching our on-demand webinar or have a look at the presentation.

“The green hydrogen market represents one of the growth axes for EDP and we are keen on supporting a safe and cost-efficient growth of this technology. We have had very good experiences with other JIPs led by DNV. Especially the joint learning process of all partners during the project phase is very valuable and worth at least as much as the final result. We are looking forward to this joint exchange.”

Miguel Patena, Innovation Director EDP Produção

Who should participate?

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Project timeline:

Start - Spring 2021

Results - Spring 2022


Axel Dombrowski

Axel Dombrowski

Director Innovation & Digitalisation, Renewables Certification

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