Energy storage system certification

DNV offers energy storage project stakeholders comprehensive certification and verification services.

The market for grid-scale energy storage systems is relatively unexplored, needed industry standards are still missing and no straightforward way to full system certification exists.

Our offer to you
To support the grid-scale energy market, DNV published its recommended practice GRIDSTOR which can be used as basis for certification and aims to accelerate safe and sound implementation of grid-connected energy storage by presenting a guideline for safety, operation and performance of electrical energy storage systems. As a result of this, DNV offers a verification and certification service during all stages of energy storage projects. This service is in line with the GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice, combining existing standards and providing extra requirements where necessary.

We recommend a two-phase approach to meet certification needs.

Phase 1: Technology qualification
The purpose is to identify and process key elements for system certification, such as system components and structure, risks and mitigation measures, (partially) applicable standards. The result of this phase is a Certification Plan, a clear description of which actions are required to achieve certification of specifically customer’s energy storage system, for selected subsystems or components and based on selected (parts of) existing standards or detailed requirements devised in the project.

Phase 2: Certification
The certification activities described in the Certification Plan are carried out with the scope of Component/Type or Project Certification, in this way proving system quality and mitigating its relevant risks which were identified in phase 1. Upon successful completion, a corresponding Certificate is issued.

Your benefits:

  • Distinguish your product from the competition
  • Provide confidence to your end users and investors
  • Prove and quality and safety
  • Reduce risk through third party verification/certification
  • Decrease costs in the installation phase through risk mitigation in an early stage
  • Mitigate risks in your design and gaps in your documentation in early stages to save time

What does certification of your energy storage project include?

  • Early stage evaluation of electrical, thermal and mechanical design specifications
  • System analysis considering environmental conditions
  • Assessment of risks, mitigation measures, expected failure consequences and their probability
  • Review of site conditions, protection measures and technical interfaces
  • Manufacturing surveillance
  • Evaluation of testing programs and test records
  • Analysis of load-out, transportation and installation procedures
  • Suitability check of operation and maintenance manuals
  • Investigation of damage and failures

Energy storage system certification



Grid-scale energy storage certification

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Grid-scale energy storage certification

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