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Proactively manage the current QHSE risks by reporting, action tracking and promotion of best practices. Adapt to a post Covid-19 business environment and be prepared for the next crisis with Synergi Life’s Business Contingency Management module.

Facilitate business contingency management

How are you managing your current business contingency and return-to-work strategies? Do you have an effective, structured and compliant infection risk management in place?

In a post Covid-19 environment, businesses are suffering crises in several different areas, including but not limited to health and safety, supply chain, cash flow disruptions and an erosion of trust. Leaders need to act to improve their business resilience.

HSE (health, safety and environment) is now at the core of business strategy and operations, while HSE policies must be redefined to meet the new challenges at hand. Planning for transition to the post-COVID era is essential.

Synergi Life’s Business Contingency Management module provides valuable insight for data-driven decision making concerning strategic planning, risk management, supply chain management, business transformation and resource management. Use the software solution to assess compliance  and maturity regarding emerging pathogens, according to national requirements and industry-wide best practices.

What does it mean to be 'Covid-19 secure'?

Now that many countries are gradually reducing restrictions and businesses are opening, the pressure to safeguard health and safety is critical for business continuity. To manage risks, organizations must have the right processes and systems in place. Guidelines and inspection protocols will need to be followed to ensure that businesses are ‘Covid-19 secure.’

The business contingency solution will ease the compliance process, foster a risk management approach and enable businesses to demonstrate what they are doing in this regard to authorities and stakeholders.

DNV has developed the Synergi Life Business Contingency Management module based on extensive domain expertise with decades of experience in QHSE software and immunology.

With the Business Contingency Management module, you can keep track of incidents and health impacts, create new observation types (for example, lack of hand-washing facilities or lack of social distancing measures). You can also conduct travel risk assessments. Via our reports and dashboards, there’s a streamlined process for mapping infections and exposures.

The application allows you to keep key stakeholders and employees updated on the situation via reporting, action tracking, messaging and notification functions. The solution includes business continuity planning, response planning and lessons learned to promote and implement best practices in the workforce.

Six key tools

The Business Contingency Management module helps you understand actual and potential impacts to your business and gauge readiness using six different tools that can be purchased individually depending on your organization’s needs:

  • Infection form – a form where all infected, previously infected or quarantined employees can report their status
  • Emergency response plan – an emergency plan in case of a new infection wave
  • Risk assessment – a risk assessment where core business continuity and infection risks are highlighted
  • Safe workplace assessment – inspection of workplace, based on government guidelines
  • Travel risk assessment – checklist(s) to be filled out and approved before travel
  • Observations – reporting of observations where guidelines are not being followed  or for reporting failures in measures introduced
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