DNV's new Cascade Foresight predicts lifespan of critical assets

DNV has released Cascade Foresight, software that enables electric utilities to assess the health and risk of critical assets. Operators can now reliably predict the remaining life of transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, cables and virtually any other asset.

Cascade Foresight - asset risk dashboard
Cascade Foresight - asset health dashboard

Complete assessment of the health and risk of critical utility assets

With the release of Cascade Foresight, electric utilities will no longer have to rely on fragmented systems and spreadsheets or black boxes to assess the health and risk of critical asset fleets.

Accurate assessment of the health of assets is essential when scheduling maintenance and replacement of equipment, and when demonstrating regulatory compliance. Cascade Foresight allows operators to monitor and maintain critical assets more effectively, for example, carrying out transformer preventive maintenance using an asset health index. Utilities that gain the best understanding of their critical assets will reduce outages and operate more efficiently.

Ensure a safe, sustainable and reliable grid with Cascade Foresight

“With Cascade Foresight, you can focus your efforts where and when they’re needed,” says Ron Howard, Product Manager, Electric Grid Reliability and Performance, Digital Solutions at DNV. “The tool will convey the remaining life of your equipment fleet, identify your top priority capital replacement targets and assess the assets’ risk to your organization. This supports reducing outages and driving down costs,” he says. 

“Cascade Foresight is based on the wealth of knowledge at KEMA labs through independent testing of electrical components for more than 90 years,” says Elisabeth Tørstad, CEO Digital Solutions at DNV. “With proven and trustworthy predictive models utility companies can accurately assess the health and risk of their critical asset fleets,” she says.

Cascade Foresight has been purpose-built to support enterprise deployments through a web-based architecture, either on premise or in the cloud. It integrates to virtually any data source, including DNV’s technical asset management and predictive maintenance software, Cascade. Cascade Foresight applies its assessment of equipment health against a risk profile to provide utilities with understanding of asset risk using intuitive dashboards. It can be adapted to varying conditions and challenging operating environments and is ISO 55000 compliant.

About Cascade

Cascade, from DNV, is the industry-leading enterprise system explicitly designed to help energy companies manage their most critical assets.

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  Cascade Foresight

Cascade Foresight

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Cascade Foresight flier

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Cascade Foresight webinar

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