Power Failure Investigations during the Coronavirus crisis

Failures of power equipment continue to occur, despite the Coronavirus.

DNV is committed to helping its customers during the Coronavirus crisis. This includes continuing to provide high-quality Power Failure Investigation (PFI) services. Our global reach and proven expertise and experience means we’re uniquely set up to continue offering these services, in the best way, despite travel restrictions and other limitations.

For every project we discuss the situation and options thoroughly with our clients, to find the optimal methods and service delivery that will create the best results, while considering health and safety risks. In many cases, many of our PFI related activities can be performed remotely. This includes information review, communication, brainstorming and root cause analyses with our own and other experts. We have special failure investigation laboratories, where dismantling and inspection activities can be performed safely, without limitations due to the Coronavirus. We can include remote witnessing options during these activities to enable you to monitor progress remotely. Furthermore, we have site inspectors located across the world, enabling us to perform site visits even though international travel is restricted. Our robust global IT system further supports us with carrying out remote (and secured) inspection solutions, if required.

DNV’s number one priority is the health and safety of our employees and customers. During all activities, we follow the guidance from the relevant public health authorities of the countries we operate in, the World Health Organization and any additional company specific regulations. We will find the optimal mode of operation per project task, enabling us to obtain the best achievable result, which is and always has been our primary goal.

Failures of power equipment continue to occur, despite the Coronavirus. The need for high-quality and independent investigations to find the root cause remains equally vital. We are committed to working flexibly with you to find the optimal solution in any situation.

22/06/2020 09:00:00


Peter van der Wielen

Peter van der Wielen

Business Director Power Failure Investigations

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